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Change your thinking and find your solutions

Being guided into a state of relaxation that is right for you allows you to feel that shift as the space for possible solutions opens up. Once guided Into a relaxed state you are then guided to look beyond your problems so that you can see solutions.

In a nutshell these guided meditation helps you access your subconscious’ reservoir of insightful wisdom as they . . .

  • reduces stress
  • increases creativity and intelligence <read more>
  • Improves memory and learning ability
  • Increases energy
  • Increases inner calm
  • Reduces insomnia
  • Increases happiness and self-esteem
  • Reduces anxiety and depression
  • Improves relationships
  • Improves health
  • Promotes a younger biological age
  • and much more

The first program on Finding Your Solutions helps you discover to best way for you to easily slip into that place where only you can go. With the two guided meditation being only 15 to 18 minutes you can easily fit them into your day or evening.

  You are a human being, not a human doing,

  so taking slices in time to simply ‘be’ makes perfect sense.

 Even if your mind wanders in these guided meditations on the CD Finding Your solutions your subconscious still hears the voice guiding you to what is best for you. <read more>


In the silence of meditation there is no need for the ego, and without the ego it is easier to find the solution that was created at the same time the problem was created. In this relaxed state without ego   you also can awaken your creativity <read more>. 


The easiest way to form the habit of looking beyond your problems requires no thought

There is no thought required when you listen to either of the guided meditations on Finding Your Solutions.  With the primal sounds of nature in the back ground you can put your analytical  mind on hold, look within yourself, and uncover your hidden wisdom.

You go into a relaxed state that is right for you at your own pace. There is nothing that you must do, no one to judge you and no need to judge yourself. As you listen to the first guided meditation your discover how natural and easy it is to use your perfect mantra <read more> .  

You go to a level of relaxation that is right for you in the safe secure peacefulness beneath your thoughts. Being guided into a part of nature that you enjoy, your creativity is awakened. <read more>  

Everyone is  unique and as your creativity is awakened and you connect with your inner-self you have the opportunity to celebrate your uniqueness.

Once you form the habit of looking beyond your problem your internal GPS is set for life. When a problem presents itself you automatically look beyond it to see the solution. Without the mind clutter that problems often create you can also discover your unlimited potential and passion for life .<read more>.

Clearing mind clutter also allows those out-of -the-blue intuitive idea to form. When listening to the guided meditations on Finding Your Solutions you clear mind clutter as your analytical mind is benched. 

In ordinary levels of consciousness there are things you might not consciously hear. In the relaxed sate of meditation your subconscious hears everything.  <read more>


Outside chatter can block your insight and create doubts, and alter your reality that is formed by your beliefs, which come from your view of experiences. Tests can that tell you what slot you fit into based on charts and statistics of others. 

When you define yourself instead of listening to who you should be you can move forward in the best way for you. <read more>

One of the most overlooked yet powerful Mind/Body connections is your breathing, which comes into play in the first guided meditation. <read more> 

Focusing on your breath in the first meditation and then the  beauty that you create in the second meditation helps you form the habit of saying yes to happiness and opportunity simply because you focus on solutions and not problems.   

 When you are guided to go beneath your thoughts in meditation you . . .

  • have the opportunity to know and define who you truly are
  • can discover your Dharma, and then can allow your life to unfold in the right way for you. 
  • stop worrying about what you must do, what you must say or not say, or where you must go and can simply be.   Good to remember that you are a human being and not a human doing.
  • give your hard-working analytical brain time to rest and recharge.
  • can find the internal joy that you cannot find in a bottle, pills, or anything you smoke.
  • erase mind clutter and quiet your mind –a quiet mind is an intuitive mind.
  • are free from those doubts that while trying to protect you, hold you back.
  • allow your right and left brains to work together and support each other for your benefit.

The more you listen to the guided meditations on Finding Your Solutions you can discover your unlimited potential, untapped creativity, and a passion for life that you may have been overlooking. 

In the garden you create in your mind you can find solutions to health, career, relationships, money and more. 

There is the theory that if you have a problem you must think hard about it. 

That theory is wrong

When your problem is playing over and over again in your mind it forms a tape that attracts doubt, fear, anger, guilt, and other negative emotions.  

All that negativity transforms the enjoyable positive things around you into a depressing thorn filled maze.  

When you listen to the guided meditations on Finding Your Solutions you slip beneath your thoughts, where that problem tape stops playing. 

 Each time you are guided beneath your thoughts you go deeper into your reservoir of insightful wisdom and potential.

When you see solutions your present moment can transform into a great present moment. Your life is a collection of present moments, so imagine your life when every present moment is great.

Click Here on sample  guided meditation and listen to a free preview of the meditations on  Finding Your solutions  This is slice of what you will experience when you purchase the CD Finding Your Solutions.

In the stillness of meditation you are centered. in a safe beautiful place that you are guided to create in your mind rather than an existing place, and connect with your unlimited potential.  Your view of what is beautiful can change over time, and this guided meditation guiding you to create your safe beautiful place at the present moment you are listening is perfect.

 In ‘Finding Your Solutions’ you are guided to create, which awakens your creative side,  which is your life’s rhythm takes control. <awaken your creativity through meditation>

Right now, close your eyes and imagine going to a place that exists and see everything as you last saw it. This requires your memory and analytical thinking. Open your eyes and close them again.  This time imagine going to a place that is totally your creation in your mind.

Your brain is like any muscle, the more you exercise it the strong it becomes. <read more>

In the second guided meditation you are not trying to fit your solutions into an existing place/event — you simply are in a good place. A good place where either solutions appear or you plant the seeds for an aha moments <read more> .   

Meditation is the art of connecting to the beauty within you and around you.

The easy-to-use guided meditations on Finding Your Solutions help you to make that connection.   

Easy way to finding your solutions  When you connect with the beauty within and around you, paths can appear to make happen those things you thought impossible.    

 Connecting to the beauty within, you tend to look at things in a different way. Instead of looking at the cold hard facts of a problem, you find yourself looking for the positive that is beyond the problem. <read more> 

 Focusing on your problems also gets your emotions involved, which are like minnows that turn into sea monsters. Those sea monsters that have you doing things you later regret.

On the other hand, when you are frequently focusing on a  peaceful place in nature where there are no problems you can  rewire your brain to look for solutions and can simply let the minnows remain minnows. <rewire your brain to find solutions>

When you are repeatedly guided into a state of tranquility that is right for you, you begin to automatically focus on solutions as you look beyond your problems. In a state you find more harmony in your life. Have you ever noticed that the most harmonious people are most commonly the healthiest?   <read more> 

    The alpha state happens when you are very relaxed and your brain waves slow down, listening to the guided meditations on Finding Your Solutions is one of the easiest ways to go into this state.  In the alpha state your subconscious is brought to a conscious level. The wisdom of your subconscious is unlocked, and you can connect with the deepest part of you..      

When your thoughts are going over and over and over a problem, your body’s sympathetic nervous system is activated and instead of moving toward a solution you create a mess called stress <read more> .

Stress can cause migraines and many other things that you do not want so why not melt stress.

    In 18 minutes a day you can form the habit of looking for solutions   Those times when everything seems to be going wrong, it helps to step beyond your perimeters. Being guided beneath your thoughts to a peaceful place in nature, which you create, is perfect. In that place nothing is directed by the outside world, and unexpected amazing things can take form.

The more often you slip beneath your thoughts, the more you are able to feel your own rhythm.  Feeling your own rhythm brings you closer to hearing your heart’s song.  Hearing your heart’s song can make an amazing difference in the direction of your life, and your well-being.


Albert Einstein once said,  “If I had an hour to solve a PROBLEM and my life depended on the SOLUTION, I would spend the first fifty-five minutes determining the proper question to ask, for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes.”

In the stillness of meditation when you are separate from what is happening around you, it is easier to  uncover the proper question.

    The guided meditations on Finding Your solutions guides you to that level of relaxation where you can connect with where your aha moments are created, and where your creativity or intuitive mind resides.  <read how to create aha moments       

When you are listening to other people telling you who you are, what you should do and could do, it might seem like your life is going sdrawkcab.   When you connect with your inner-self and do what feels right for you, you no longer need a mirror to understand sdrawkcab, because you no loner feel like you are going backwards.

Then like the Zen saying, when you are facing in the right direction all you have to do is keep walking.  There sometimes are those days when things seem to be coming at you from so many directions that you cannot relax. 

It is on these days that the benefits of relaxation through meditation becomes clear.  One of the easiest ways to go into meditation on these days is to listen to the guided meditations on   Finding Your Solutions.  

In meditation you open up to the wonderful world of self-discovery that is free of anyone saying you cannot be or cannot do.  


This magnolia bud turns into a beautiful bloom. 

The bud of joy can do the same thing in your life.  

Joy comes from within, not from a bottle, pill or someone else.

The next time you reach for a pill or bottle to fix a problem, stop and ask yourself if it will create a solution, or if it will create new problems for tomorrow?  In these meditations you either find solutions of plant the seed for those solutions to come to you at a time that is right for you.

As you flip through neurology magazines you will see that neuroscience has proven that meditation is a powerful tool not only in reducing stress levels, but also in generating new neurons. 

Guided meditation is an easy way to go into the relaxation of meditation on those days when thoughts you actually do not want are bombarding you.

    Creativity is something you were born with; it reveals itself in different ways in different people. In the playground of your subconscious you find your creativity hand in hand with your intuition. Listening repeatedly to the guided meditations on ‘Finding Your Solutions’ helps you form the habit of going into a state of relaxation that allows you to let go.   <read more  


Listening to the guided meditations on the easy-to-use ‘Finding Your Solutions’ allows you to be the present moment without the worry of yesterday or tomorrow.   


One of the comments about listening to the guided meditations on  the CD ‘Finding Your Solutions’ — “Your solutions based approach to mediation is a breath of fresh air” -- Bill.

     Fatigue, anxiety, or feeling you are not good enough can all be relieved when you shut out the outside world.  There is peace and safety when you connect to the one who knows you the best, your inner self. 

 If your life is moving at a pace that causes sleepless nights, going into the tranquil stillness of the guided meditations on Finding Your Solutions moves from being a luxury to a  necessity.  

 In meditation you can hush the outside world,  let go, and open up to your unlimited potential.  Helen Keller referred to this when she said, The best and most beautiful things in life cannot be seen, not touched, but are felt in the heart.” 

Being guided to go beneath your thoughts to find your answers is only one of the things that happens in the guided meditation Finding Your Solutions.      

Find your solutions through guided meditation

In the first program you discover the mantra that is perfect for you, and does not require you to memorize anything, 
You are guided into the Alpha state In the second program, and then through a part of nature you enjoy until you come to a garden where solutions grow.
In this place you may have an ‘aha’ moment, or plant seeds so a solution will  be visible to you at a time that is right for you.

Why wait to experience the benefits of guided meditations? Order these easy-to-use guided meditations on  “Finding Your Solutions” today. 

A problem cannot exist unless its solution exists at the same time”, has been said in different ways by many wise people over the years.  Nevertheless, to embrace a world filled with unseen solutions requires that you look beyond your problems.

Repeatedly listening to Guided Meditations on the relaxing CD ‘Finding Your Solutions’ can help you find harmony in many different areas of your life .  Through the guided meditations on ‘Finding Your Solutions’ you can re-wire your brain in a way that has you automatically look beyond your problems.  <continue reading>

 When you listen to these guided meditations you can escape from the overload of all the information you senses are picking up every second. 

When you return to your fully awake Beta level you find yourself thinking more clearly and calmly.  Your blood pressure can level out, your mind and body align with your authentic self, and you feel your rhythm instead of the reflected rhythms of others around you. The first guided meditation safely guides you to focus on your breath with only the sound of ocean waves in the background.

Wisdom is not gained by traveling afar, but by standing still; not by thought, but by the absence of thought.” ~author unknown

  The more you listen to these guided meditations the deeper you are able to go within yourself.  The deeper you go within, the more insight you gain into your inner-self or soul. The deeper you go within, the more you allow your left and right brains to join in a dance that can bring abundance into your life.  This dance allows you to become more confident and secure in your decisions.  

 A natural comfortable place is the perfect place to be guided into relaxation at a depth that is right for you.  Having Guided Meditations on a CD gives you more options in finding a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed.

between your thoughts in meditation

In guided meditation that unoccupied comfortable bench is reserved for you to go into the depth of relaxation that is right for you at that present moment.

The unlimited space in guided meditation allows your mind and body to reorganize, revitalize and bring you back to that place of well-being.

When you re-wire your brain and learn to ‘let go’, connect with your own rhythm and creativity; you then gain insight for the right path that to returning  to your natural state of well-being.

Letting go counteracts the toxins in your system created by the stresses of every day life, and allows you to embrace a world filled with unseen solutions.

The first step to letting go is taking out the trash, aka mind clutter  <read more>

    Have you ever turned your house upside down looking for your keys and then discovered they were right there on the side table or in your pocket? The desperation of looking for your keys when you have to be someplace is one of the creators of stress, which blocks you from seeing the obvious.  Stress comes in many forms and sizes, but all can be relieved in the same way.   <read more>

Once you get into the habit of pausing to reorganize, you not only see those small Guided meditation teaches you to see beauty in life pieces of beauty, but they can come to you.

Meditation is actually the art of connecting to the beauty within you. In the stillness of meditation you can find light on the darkest of days.

Vincent Van Gogh once said, “One of the most beautiful things one can do is to paint the darkness, which nonetheless has light in it.” Once you learn to let go and open up, you will see the light within the darkness of meditation, and the beauty that before was hidden by filters within your visual cortex. Listening to guided meditations on Finding Your solutions can help you let go and connect to the beauty within you.

“Do not pursue the past. Do not lose yourself in the future. The past no longer is. The future has not yet come. Looking deeply at life as it is. In the very here and now, the practitioner dwells in stability and freedom. ”   ~ The Buddha.  

Daily meditation can bring a new calmness into your life, which allows you to see a different side of life. The first guided meditation on Finding Your Solutions helps you to learn mindful meditation.  It guides you to focus on the life-giving mantra that is perfect for you  < read more>   


  There are no short cuts to self-healing or self-growth.  On the other hand, taking a few minutes each day to listen to the second guided meditation on Finding Your Solutions can be a powerful step in switching your direction in those troubling areas in your life. A Zen saying is that ‘once you are facing in the right direction all you have to do is keep walking’.    <read more>

Each guided meditation on Finding Your Solutions CD helps you to shut down your thoughts, which allows you to slide into that peaceful stillness beneath your thoughts.  

   The belief that you simply cannot see the answer if you are only focused on the problem, has been confirmed many times.  You may remember those words from Patch Hunter Adams’ book, or the Patch Adams movie guided meditation CD Finding Your Solutions The second guided meditation on  ‘Finding Your Solutions’ guides you beyond problems to a place where solutions grow.    

Sitting inside or outside, in a safe place, relax and try the following.   Allow your eyelids to fall over your eyes, let go worries and tensions of the day.– Imagine you are in a place in nature that feels safe and comfortable for you.– Focus on the quiet stillness.

  Nice to remember an old quote — “No problems can exist without an answer that was created at the same time”.  When your logical mind is still, you not only can look beyond to see the answer, but your intuitive mind can emerge    The guided meditation in Program Two  on Finding Your Solutions guides you deeper into relaxation.   In that relaxed state you are guided through safe and pleasing to you nature to your garden where answers grow.    The guided meditation in Program One guides you to use your breath as a mantra. Being mindful of what comes naturally to you, releases your need to think and gives you the freedom to meditate in more places during the night or daylight hours. 

What some people experience after meditation can only be described as an ‘aha’ moment.  Even if you do not have one of those flashes of insight when listening to Finding Your Solutions, you know a seed has been planted within your layers of consciousness that will allow you to focus on solutions. 

Being immersed in the beauty of nature can make problems stop growing in a way that blocks your view of solutions. Repeatedly listening to guided meditations on Finding Your Solutions helps life be easier to handle.    Finding Your Solutions CD   You can transform those times in life best described as when you feel like you are walking on eggshells  into times when you pause, look beyond your problems and discover your intuitive side where solutions grow.          

The guided meditations on Finding Your Solutions move from being a luxury to being a necessity on those days when a problem has become so large that it is totally blocking your view of any solution, and is keeping you from enjoying life

So take a leap in faith and experience the benefits of guided imagery that takes place when you are guided into a depth of relaxation that is best for you at that present moment.   Place your order today and take the first step to going to a place that is totally your creation that is beyond your problems,. When you listen you go into a state of relaxation that is right for you, in a place that is right for you.

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